Pre-incubators at the University of Antwerp

A pre-incubator offers a protecting environment in which entrepreneurial ideas can be tested on their market potential. The University of Antwerp develops pre-incubation structures for 4 strategically chosen target domains:
sustainable chemistry & materials,
infectious diseases & environmental health,
metropolitanism & smart cities,
logistics & mobility
(including IoT and AI).

Why pre-incubation?

The outspoken ambition of the University of Antwerp to create value for society is translated into the ambition to become an entrepreneurial university. In order to achieve this ambition the University of Antwerp is committed to reinforce the different actors within the university in their endeavours to translate their research results, knowledge and expertise to society as a whole. This can only be achieved through its unceasing support of its commercialisation processes of research knowledge and expertise, while safeguarding its basic values of academic fundamental research. 

By safeguarding the embeddedness of pre-incubation structures and optimal fit with existing initiatives within the University of Antwerp as well as with its entrepreneurial ecosystem stakeholders a leverage is created to society as a whole.