BlueApp, open innovation hub for sustainable chemistry

BlueApp is an open innovation and training hub for potential entrepreneurs and innovators from knowledge institutions, large and smaller industries. This pre-incubator enables the growth of business and technology ideas in sustainable chemistry to develop, validate and demonstrate technologies and their market readiness.​

Converting an invention to an innovative product, process or business model is highly rewarding, but can be a complex and difficult journey. Recognising and understanding the stages of the process, and using the right support, can mean all the difference between success and failure.

Especially during the innovation gap, which occurs between technology readiness levels 4 and 7 - where a conceptual idea needs to be turned into a working prototype in order to demonstrate that it works under operational conditions - it can be challenging to asses production costs, and to outline the equipment and processes needed for manufacture.

BlueApp offers to help your team to convert ideas into innovative solutions needed to tackle problems the industry and society are facing today. Our approach based on open innovation and the TRL-scale combines technology push with business pull to drive those ideas forward that universities and businesses are not able to develop themselves due to the high capital costs involved.

BlueApp can be your partner when you want to propel yourself forward as a nascent or an experienced entrepreneur, to develop and grow with an entrepreneurial mindset.

BlueApp is an open platform, and aims to connect with anyone who has the expertise or innovative solutions that fit with our business. With the BlueApp pre-incubation program, we invite your team to work with us to tackle some of the most urgent chemistry-related challenges and turn your innovative ideas into reality.



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