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Research Evaluations

In February 2007, the Research Council of the University of Antwerp decided to implement a discipline-specific 8-year cycle of research quality assessment during which two disciplines are evaluated each academic year. These research assessment exercises are in accordance with the methodology laid out in the Dutch Standard Evaluation Protocol.

During site visits at the University of Antwerp international peer review panels assess:

  1. the quality;
  2. the productivity;
  3. the societal engagement and impact;
  4. the viability.

of the research carried out by the units belonging to the discipline under assessment.

Additionally, the panel formulates a number of suggestions to the faculty, research council or university board on how to better organize the research.

The research units meticulously prepare these site visits by drawing up self-evaluation reports.

Planning 2015-2023

Academic year


2015-2016 Applied Economics and Development Studies
2016-2017 Pharmaceutical Sciences
Political, Social and Educational Sciences
2017-2018 Applied Engineering  
Design Sciences 
2018-2019 Computer Sciences and Mathematics
2019-2020 Chemistry
2020-2021 History and Philosophy
2021-2022 Linguistics
Biomedical and Veterinary Sciences
2022-2023 Medicine and Health Sciences



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