The importance of scientific integrity has not only been increasing rapidly on the Flemish level, but within the worldwide research community as well. For this reason, the University of Antwerp is very much committed to inform researchers about the possible pitfalls of scientific conduct. Moreover, since 2009 the university offers a set of guidelines to promote and guarantee scientific integrity and it also endorses 'the European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity’, issued in 2010 by the European Science Foundation and ALL European Academies.

With regard to the procedure for infractions of the scientific integrity, a Committee for Scientific Integrity was established in 2010, which assesses in a transparent manner, but at the same with the necessary attention to the private sphere, cases of scientific fraud.

Recently, the University of Antwerp has become engaged in the Flemish Committee for Scientific Integrity, which facilitates the dialogue on scientific integrity on the Flemish level.

Report a transgression

Professor Willem Lemmens, member of the tenured academic staff within the Department of Philosophy and the Pieter Gillis Centre,  acts as the contact point for scientific fraud. Researchers of the university, with the necessary regard for their anonymity,  can ask him questions on scientific integrity or report perceived transgressions.