Reimbursement application requirements

  • The supervisor has to be informed of the reimbursement application but it is the PhD student's responsibility to manage his or her budget correctly. You can always check your balance on SisA. The Antwerp Doctoral School approves the educational credit request.
  • Applications should be submitted by academic year. The deadline is always the last day of the academic year (about end of September). Activities undertaken in previous academic years will not be taken into account, so make sure that you submit your application(s) on time (this also applies to summer schools or summer conferences!). Reimbursement for activities (e.g. conferences) that start in the current academic year and end in the next academic year can be requested in the next academic year.
  • The applicant should be enrolled in the doctoral study programme as a PhD student at the time of the activity AND of the application.
  • The activity must have already taken place at the time of the application.
  • The Antwerp Doctoral School does not pay the organisation directly. Only reimbursements (of PhD students) will be considered (except for StatUA and Linguapolis courses; a specific reimbursement procedure exists for these courses, see "Procedure for a Linguapolis/StatUA/PAVO Laboratory Animal Science course").
  • As employee of the University of Antwerp you have to fill in your application via the electronic system I-Expense. If you are not employed by the University of Antwerp, you have to send your paper application via postal mail to the Financial Services. Both procedures are described in detail in 'standard application procedure'.


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