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Doctoral Fellowships

Doctoral fellowships are awarded on an individual basis to young scientists, often newly graduates, because of personal achievement (excellent study results) and/or after submission of a research project

The recipients are usually coached by a promoter, who often assists in formulating the research project, which frequently follows a Master thesis. 

A doctoral student is expected to prepare a dissertation.

In the spotlight:

FWO Strategic Basic Research

Ann Aerts Tel. +32 3 265 30 27

Horizon 2020

Kristof Geeraerts Tel. +32 265 31 93

FWO Fundamental Research

Greet Hellenbosch Tel. Tel. +32 3 265 31 73


Kathleen Van Oost Tel. +32 3 265 88 68

VLAIO Baekeland

Bram Verbinnen Tel. +32 3 265.88.84