High Performance Computing core facility CalcUA

Welcome to the homepage of the HPC core facility CalcUA at the University of Antwerp!

The HPC core facility CalcUA provides faculty, staff and students with a high performance computing (HPC) infrastructure for research purposes. High performance computing utilizes supercomputers and parallel processing for running advanced programs quickly and efficiently.

We also provide training, assistance and support for all research involving HPC projects.

The CalcUA infrastructure is integrated into the Flemish Supercomputer Centrum (VSC).

More information about the VSC VSC website

Reminder: request for information

This is a gentle reminder for all students and researchers affiliated with the University of Antwerp who did not provide the information yet.

Please send us the name(s) of your supervisor/promotor by September 30 at latest. Users who do not send this information on time, will no longer be able to submit jobs, starting October 1, 2019.

If publications for which you have used the CalcUA/VSC infrastructure are not shown yet on CalcUA’s publications web page, please send us the information.

Thanks in advance!

System status


Leibniz is up and running.


Hopper is up and running.


All filesystems are online.


HPC core facility CalcUA University of Antwerp
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Middelheimlaan 1
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