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Training events

We organize several training events for both beginning and advanced HPC users.

Regular training events

  • Introduction to Linux
    • For everybody without previous Linux experience (basic commands and bash scripting).
    • An introduction to Linux, the operating system of all VSC supercomputers.
    • Next session: October 3 and 7, 2019, 9-13 h. (CMI G0.25)
    • Slides of the October 2019 session
  • Supercomputers for starters
    • For everybody without knowledge of supercomputer architecture (hardware and software).
    • We take a closer look at the architecture of a supercomputer and the consequences that this has for running and developing software.
    • This lecture is equally relevant to those who will merely be running existing software as to those who will program on the clusters.
    • Next session: October 11, 2019, 9.30-13 h. (CMI G0.05)
    • Slides of the October 11, 2019 session
  • HPC@UAntwerp introduction
  • Scientific Python
    • For experienced Python users.
    • Python is a nice programming language for scientific programming. Many high quality libraries are available as building block in a wide variety of scientific domains. In this training we will concentrate on the core libraries, and give some examples of domain specific libraries.
    • Next session: date TBA
    • Slides of the previous session

Specialized training events

  • HPC Tips&Tricks
    • In our HPC Tips&Tricks sessions, we focus on several advanced topics in HPC.
    • Next session: date TBA

Archive of training events

Academic courses

Many of the "computational" disciplines of the University of Antwerp come together in CalcUA. Several courses are taught at both bachelor (Ba) as well as master (Ma) level in several departments.


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