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Research Excellence

Frontline and Emerging Frontline Research Domains

The University of Antwerp, as a true research university, strives to excel in as many research areas as possible. This is why the University Board decided in 2010 to define nine frontline research domains and  three emerging frontline research domains in which the University of Antwerp is recognized world leader. Key to the Board's eventual selection was long-term research excellence. As a result, the 12 selected domains are all areas in which the University of Antwerp has a strong tradition of producing cutting-edge research that is considered internationally excellent, in terms of quality, output as well as relevance. At the same time, the University pursues an active policy aimed at stimulating the economic and social valorisation of the research results generated by its (emerging) frontline research domains. 

Excellence Funding

In short, the University's (emerging) frontline research domains are key research areas in which the University of Antwerp has built up internationally visible clusters of expertise and - as far as the experimental sciences a re concerned - has amassed an impressive range of state-of-the-art equipment and infrastructure.

The University's science communication is largely related to its (emerging) frontline research domains. The eventual aim is to have at least one ERC (European Research Council) grant holder within each of the (emerging) frontline research domains. In addition, the University's nine Centres of Excellence as well as its current Methusalem grant holders are all directly linked to or active in one or multiple (emerging) frontline research domains.

European Research Council (ERC) grant

The European Research Council (ERC) awards research grants to excellent young researchers (Starting Grants) and established researchers (Consolidator Grants, Synergy GrantsAdvanced Grants), who can then set up a research unit around a challenging topic.

ERC grants are the most prestigious form of European research funding


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