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Cancer is one of the most important health problems nowadays, affecting more than 3 million  people each year worldwide. This incidence is expected to steadily increase over time, especially in view of the aging of the population. Despite extensive efforts in cancer research,  adequate therapies, diagnostic and treatment guidance tools are still lacking for the majority of cancer types.

At the University of Antwerp,  several teams are involved in multidisciplinary oncology research, with research topics ranging from molecular studies on disease aetiology and modifiers over the development and evaluation of new treatment strategies to large epidemiological cancer screening studies.

The ultimate aim of our teams is to provide the scientific basis that will allow reducing cancer incidence and mortality and improving quality of life and care with fewer side-effects.

The research is highly translational with a continuous interaction between basic and clinical research teams to minimize the time between discovery and adoption in clinical practice.

Research activities are mainly focused around 2 key research domains

  1. the identification and validation of drug targets, and
  2. the development of biomarkers.