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Drug Discovery and Development

Despite a substantial increase in the availability of therapeutic approaches over the past decades, appropriate curative medicines and/or vaccines are still lacking for a considerable number of diseases, as such necessitating continued efforts of both academia and industry in developing effective therapies. This need is further emphasized by the fact that existing drugs often induce unwanted side effects, that a specific drug will not always be effective for the entire patient population and that the incidence of antimicrobial resistance to antibiotics is increasing.

The University of Antwerp has gathered considerable expertise in all phases of drug discovery and development, with research teams involved in highly multidisciplinary projects ranging from more fundamental research to understand the molecular mechanisms involved in different pathologies to identify potential targets, over the pharmacological and pharmacokinetic characterization of candidate drugs, up to the performance of clinical trials. In these projects, the research teams often rely on close collaborations with various university hospitals and international research and/or industrial partners.