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Ecology and Sustainable Development

Ecology investigates the relationships and interactions between organisms and their environment. It is closely related to sustainable development which does not only focus on environmental issues but also combines the concern for preservation of natural systems with social and economic challenges. All aspects of this multidisciplinary field are studied in a variety of research groups in the Faculties of Sciences; Pharmaceutical,Biomedical and Veterinary Sciences; Applied Economical Sciences and Political and Social Sciences. 

The expertise and combined research efforts of the teams already resulted in Methusalem financing, an ERC Advanced Grant and participation in the large-scale ecological infrastructure networks of the European Strategy Forum for Research Infrastructures (ESFRI).

The University of Antwerp also houses the Institute of Environment and Sustainable Development (IMDO), which stimulates and coordinates multi- and interdisciplinary research in a.o. corporate environmental management, spatial planning, integral water management and environmental policy, and provides a number of master’s and postgraduate degrees in these areas.

Our relevant research groups also participate in the Flanders strategic Initiative for Sustainable Chemistry (FISCH), currently representing Belgium in the European Technology Platform SusChem.