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Harbour, Transport and Logistics

The University of Antwerp is located in a very important economic region of Flanders, the heart of which is the Port of Antwerp, which serves as an economic gateway to the world economy and is the key to the region’s economic and industrial dynamics. The current economic situation of ever growing international competition and rapidly changing markets, calls for innovation and research in the logistics sector.

The efficient organization of traffic and transport, including storage and transhipment, has become an issue of interest to business as well as to policymakers, and needs to be taken into account when forging a sustainable mobility policy. The extensive expertise in logistics available at the University of Antwerp covers a multitude of various aspects, including business topics, public policy issues, technological issues, evironmental and macroeconomic aspects. 

The university of Antwerp houses multiple institutes and departments that conduct research related to the different aspects of logistics and mobility. Furthermore, the university maintains structural contacts with a number of external (industrial) partners, for example the framework agreement with the “Port of Antwerp”, and is a member of the competence pool VIL (Flemish Institute for Logistics), which was created by the Flemish government with the aim of achieving innovative logistics projects in Flanders.