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The University of Antwerp has a longstanding tradition with international impact in the field of neurosciences. Research projects are generally multidisciplinary in nature and are characterized by a comprehensive integrated approach according to the “From Patient to Bedside and Back” principle.

The expertise and combined research efforts of the teams are centred around a number of key topics and research lines, such as

  • the excitability of the nervous system,
  • the determination of its underlying molecular architecture, and its modulation by external factors or drugs.

The overall mission is to elucidate the fundamental structure-function relationships in normal and altered brain function.

The extensive expertise in neurosciences available at the University of Antwerp is also reflected in the university’s education, with a major in neurosciences as optional course in the biomedical sciences Master’s programme and participation of the University of Antwerp in the Network of European Neuroscience Schools (NENS) and in the European Master programme on Molecular Imaging (EMMI). Furthermore, the neurosciences research teams closely collaborate with various university hospitals and with a multitude of international research and/or industrial partners.