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Socio-economic policy and organisation

The University of Antwerp houses multiple institutes and departments that conduct research related to the different aspects of (European) socio-economic policy and organisational and strategic management both in the private, public and social profit sector.

The question how welfare states can effectively and efficiently respond to socio-economic and demographic changes like ageing, migration, new household types (e.g. single-parent families, recomposed families)… that impact on social security systems, gives rise to a wide range of interdisciplinary research.

These socio-demographic changes lead to new forms of social competition and social risks that potentially affect one’s income position and work force. In this context, the University of Antwerp has gathered considerable expertise on the content and application of social law and has developed a scientific approach to understand the complex, interactive and transnational dimension of labour and social relations. Considering the European and global dimensions of social redistribution, much attention is given to the European dimension of social policy.