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Methusalem Grant Holder Annemie Bogaerts

Plasma for environmental, medical, analytical chemistry and materials applications

Plasma is an ionized gas. It is the fourth state of matter, next to solid, liquid and gaseous state. It exists in nature, but it can also be generated in laboratories by applying electric fields or heat to a gas. It consists of gas molecules, but also many reactive species, like electrons, various types of ions, radicals and excited species. This highly reactive chemical cocktail makes plasma interesting for many applications. We are studying the underlying mechanisms in plasma, including the plasma chemistry, plasma reactor design and plasma‚Äźsurface interactions, by means of computer simulations and  experiments, to improve the following applications: (1) in materials science (for nanotechnology and microchip fabrication), (2) for analytical chemistry, (3) in environmental/energy applications (i.e., conversion of greenhouse gases and nitrogen fixation), and (4) for medicine (mainly cancer research).

Prof. dr. Annemie Bogaerts (Dept. Chemistry, research group PLASMANT) works as a PI on this project together with co-PI’s Prof. dr. Bart Partoens (Dept. Physics, research group CMT) and Prof. dr. Jo Verbeeck (Dept. Physics, EMAT).