November 2011

About ACED

ACED, the Antwerp Centre of Evolutionary Demography, is an international, multidisciplinary research centre of excellence of the Department of Management of the Faculty of Applied Economics at the University of Antwerp (Belgium). The ACED programme deals with the antecedents and consequences of demographic diversity in the realm of teams, organizations, industries, networks and communities. Diversity is studied by a demographically diverse research team currently harboring about 25 scholars of over 10 different nationalities.


Several changes have taken place in the composition of our team in the recent months.

  • Tine Buyl has sucessfully defended her PhD thesis, and has joined ACED as a Post-Doctoral Researcher.
  • Kim De Meulenaere has joined ACED as a PhD student.
  • Sandy Bogaert has left ACED for a position at the City of Antwerp.
  • Cesar Garcia-Diaz has changed his status to an affiliated member as he took on a position of post-doctoral fellow at the Department of Industrial Engineering at the Universidad de los Andes (Bogota, Colombia ).
Selected publications

A selection of new peer reviewed scientific journal publications by our members:

  • Bogaert Sandy, Boone Christophe, and van Witteloostuijn Arjen.- The Impact of Social Value Orientation on Affective Commitment: The moderating role of work group cooperative climate, and of climate strength.- In: Journal of Management Studies (forthcoming).
  • Boone Christophe, Brouwer Aleid, Jacobs Jan, van Witteloostuijn Arjen, and de Zwaan Matthijs.- Religious Pluralism and Organizational Diversity: an empirical test in the city of Zwolle, the Netherlands, 1851-1914.- In: Sociology of Religion (forthcoming).
  • Buyl Tine, Boone Christophe, and Matthyssens Paul.- Upper Echelons Research and Managerial Cognition.- In: Strategic Organization, 9 (2011), pp. 240-246.
  • García-Díaz Cesar, and van Witteloostuijn Arjen.- Firm Entry Diversity, Resource Space Heterogeneity and Market Structure.- In: Osinga S., G.J. Hofstede & T. Verwaart (Eds), Emergent Results of Artificial Economics – Lecture Notes in Economics and Mathematical Systems 652, Berlin: Springer, 2011, pp. 153-164.
  • Haan M.A., Koning R.H., and van Witteloostuijn Arjen.- The Effects of Institutional Change in European Soccer.- In: Journal of Economics and Statistics (forthcoming).
  • Jansen Thijs, van Lier Arie, and van Witteloostuijn Arjen.- Managerial Bonus Systems in a Differentiated Duopoly: A comment.- In: Managerial and Decision Economics (forthcoming).
  • Kaufmann Wesley, and van Witteloostuijn Arjen.- The Ecology of EU Competition Law.- In: Erasmus Law Review (forthcoming).
  • Muehlfeld Katrin. S., Weitzel Utz, van Witteloostuijn Arjen.- Mergers and Acquisitions in the Global Food-Processing Industry in 1986-2006.- In: Food Policy, 36 (2011), pp. 466-479.
  • Muehlfeld Katrin. S., van Doorn Jenny, and van Witteloostuijn Arjen.- The Effects of Personality Composition and Decision-Making Processes on Change Preferences of Self-Managing Teams: A business simulation.- In: Managerial and Decision Economics, 32 (2011), pp. 333-353.
  • Ramdani Dendi, and van Witteloostuijn Arjen.- The Shareholder–Manager Relationship and Its Impact on the Likelihood of Firm Bribery.- In: Journal of Business Ethics (forthcoming).
  • Ramdani Dendi, and van Witteloostuijn Arjen.- Bribery.- In: Encyclopedia of Criminology and Criminal Justice, Wiley Blackwell, Malden: MA (forthcoming).
  • Rosenkranz Stephanie, Urbig Diemo, Weitzel Utz, and van Witteloostuijn Arjen.- Exploiting Opportunities at all Cost? Entrepreneurial intent and externalities.- In: Journal of Economic Psychology (forthcoming).
  • Urbig Diemo, Bürger Robin, Patzelt Holger, and Schweizer Lars.- Investor Reactions to New Product Development Failures: The moderating role of product development stage.- In: Journal of Management (forthcoming).
  • van Witteloostuijn Arjen.- Arndt Sorge: A truly European organizational sociologist.- In: WZB-Mitteilungen, 132 (2011), pp. 34-35.
Seminars and Conferences

The ACED Brown Bag Brainstorm sessions are intended to assist ACED members (with a particular focus on PhD students) with any questions regarding their research.

We also have a new series of paper presentations:

  • 14/02/2012: Gábor Péli  (Utrecht University & University of Antwerp)
  • 13/03/2012: Jeroen Stouten (Catholic University of Louvain)
  • 17/04/2012: Hans van Ees (University of Groningen)
  • 05/06/2012: Sabina Nielsen (Copenhagen Business School)