September 2010


About ACED

ACED, the Antwerp Centre of Evolutionary Demography, is an international, multidisciplinary research centre of excellence of the Department of Management of the Faculty of Applied Economics at the University of Antwerp (Belgium). The ACED programme deals with the antecedents and consequences of demographic diversity in the realm of teams, organizations, industries, networks and communities. Diversity is studied by a demographically diverse research team currently harboring about 25 scholars of over 10 different nationalities.

Annual ACED Conference

We are proud to present the first annual ACED conference on Team and Community Diversity that will take place on September 23-24, 2010 at the cultural conference centre Elzenveld in Antwerp. 

Seminars and Conferences

The ACED Brown Bag Brainstorm sessions are intended to assist ACED members (with a particular focus on PhD students) with any questions regarding their research.

We also have a new series of paper presentations: 

  • 21/10/2010: Nathalie Vallet (University of Antwerp)
  • 25/11/2010: Sigrid Suetens (Tilburg University)
  • 09/12/2010: Katrin Mühlfeld-Kerstan (Utrecht University & University of Antwerp)
New project started

On August 1, 2010, COMPOSITE has started, a study of police forces in 10 countries across Europe with the aim to improve the planning and execution of change initiatives in the police, show how such initiatives can be better aligned with the cultural and societal context per country and explain how the negative process effects can be mitigated. 

Book reviews

We have added a book review section to our website. In this section, visitors can submit book reviews that they deem eligible for inclusion on our website. If you want to add your review to the ACED website, please click here.

Our latest book review is done by Marc van Wegberg and he reviews Critical mass: how one thing leads to another by Philips Ball (2005).


Several new members have joined ACED in the recent months. Click here or on the member's name for their contact details and CVs (if available).

  • Sofie Rogiest (Belgium) - PhD student
  • Trang Doan (Vietnam) - PhD student
Selected publications

A selection of new peer reviewed scientific journal publications by our members:

  • Akkermans Dirk H.M., Harzing Anne-Wil, van Witteloostuijn Arjen.-Cultural Accommodation and Language Priming: Competitive versus cooperative behavior in a prisoner’s dilemma game.- In: Management International Review. Forthcoming (2010).
  • van den Berg Anette, Grift Yolanda, van Witteloostuijn Arjen.- The Perceived Effects of Works Councils on Organizational Outcomes: Comparing the public with the private sector, International Journal of Employment Studies. Forthcoming.
  • Bogaert Sandy, Boone Christophe & Carroll Glenn R.- Organizational form emergence and competing professional schemata of Dutch accounting, 1884-1939.- In: Research in the Sociology of Organizations. Forthcoming (2010).
  • Boone Christophe, Declerck Carolyn H. & Kiyonari Toko.- Inducing cooperative behavior among proselfs versus prosocials: The moderating role of incentives and trust.- In: Journal of Conflict Resolution. Forthcoming (2010).
  • Emonds, Griet, Declerck Carolyn H., Boone Christophe., Vandervliet Everhard J.M. & Parizel Paul M.- Comparing the neural basis of mixed-motive versus coordination games in people with different social value preferences, an fMRI. - In: Journal of Neuroscience, Psychology and Economics. Forthcoming (2010).
  • van der Laan Gerwin.- CEO pay as a reflection of power or performance: An empirical test for the Netherlands, 2002-2006.- In: Journal of Strategy and Management, 3:2(2010), p. 157-173.
  • van der Laan Gerwin, van Ees Hans, van Witteloostuijn Arjen.- Is pay related to performance in The Netherlands? An analysis of Dutch executive compensation, 2002-2006.- In: The economist, 158:2(2010), p. 123-149
  • Lowery David S., Otjes Simon, Gherghina Sergiu, van Witteloostuijn Arjen, Péli Gábor, Brasher Holly.- Unpacking LogM: Toward a more general theory of party system density.- In: American Journal of Political Science. Forthcoming (2010).
  • Parker Simon C., van Witteloostuijn Arjen.- A general framework for estimating multidimensional contingency fit.- In: Organization science, 21:2(2010), p. 540-553
  • Parker Simon C., Storey David J., van Witteloostuijn Arjen.- What Happens with Gazelles? The role of dynamic management strategies.- In: Small Business Economics 35(2010): 203-226.
  • Ramdani Dendi, van Witteloostuijn Arjen.- The impact of board independence and CEO duality on firm performance: a quantile regression analysis for Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea and Thailand.- In: British journal of management, 21:3(2010), p. 607-626
  • Weitzel Utz, Urbig Diemo, Desai Sameeskha, Sanders Mark Acs Zoltan.- The Good, the Bad, and the Talented: Entrepreneurial Talent and Selfish behavior.- In: Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization. Forthcoming (2010).