Dissemination of artistic research "Mastering the curtains"

February 15.2018

Initiator: Els Vanden Meersch

Can experimental outings for social spread and the creation of new public space, as an integral part of artistic practice, enhance the critical independence of artists? Can artistic excerpts from research introduced in existing channels, such as scientific journals, create newspapers of new creative space? By creating space in existing non-artistic formats, parts of artistic research can be combined with information from other sources. Within this area of exchange and association, new information can emerge, while challenging the autonomy of both formats.

(photos Els Vanden Meersch from 'Mastering the Curtains')

Self-organising and diversified export of artistic practice can examine its elasticity and investigate the extent to which artistic facets become publicly active and where and when the artistic component is neutralised. Drawing on realised and intended elements of my own research, Mastering The Curtains, I want to enter into a discussion with other artists, specifically focused on creating public space. The focus is on photography and publishing.

Contributions by:

  • Stijn Van Dorpe
  • Marc Schepers
  • Els Vanden Meersch

Venue: De Groene Waterman, Wolstraat 7, 2000 Antwerpen - 14:00 pm

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