Current PhD projects in Arts

Haseeb Ahmed
Size Matters - Vortext - 2014-2018

Hamed Akhlaghi
How can social design stimulate youth to act upon criminal activities in their neighborhood? - 2015-...

Ali Baharlou
Parallel narratives, different elements and forms of representations and their effect on audience perception - 2015-...

Korneel Bernolet
Arpeggio in barokke klavierliteratuur - 2016-2020

Nico Couck
Historical performance practice of post-war avant-garde music for guitar - 2014-2018

Carlos Brito Dias
Integrating traditional Portuguese sounds in new compositions - 2017-2021

Daniela Fantechi
Composing with contact-piezo michrophones 2017-2021 

Alireza Farhang
Traces of Expressivity: conception of a high-level, universal hybrid score in music-based interdisciplinary works - 2017-2021

Marco Fusi
L'homme. Les sons. Faithful to what? 2017-2021

Paolo Galli
Phonetic Relations between Vocal Music, Electronics and Linguistics in the second half of the twentieth century - 2014-2020

Geert Goiris
Adieu - 2012-2017

Carl Haase
Design as a Cultural Communicator - 2016-2020

Sarah Hendrickx
The integration of (self-) intervening and destabilizing artistic mechanisms (M) within an existing system (Q) in order to transform the combined system towards a state of equilibrium (E) - 2016-...

Ramon Pino Hernandez
Meals as constructed situations - 2015-...

Matthias Heyman
Blanton the (R)evolutionary’: A Contextualization of Jimmie Blanton’s Jazz Bass Playing - 2011-2017

Athar Jaber
Per forza di levare - 2017-2020

Levente Kende
Endlich etwas wirklich neues - 2017-2020

Ludivine Lechat
Interactieve sprookjes - 2016-...

Peter Lemmens
Fringe Creativity: Fan Fiction as Reciprocal Production and Distribution Applied to The Visual Arts - 2017-2021

Chin Cheng Lin
A study of movement in marimba playing - 2009-...

Jorge Manilla
Other Bodies - 2013-2017

Philip Meersman
De orale uitvoering van visuele poëzie - 2017-...

Julia Miller
Capita selecta inzake het gebruik van de blokfluit bij de uitvoering van geestelijke muziek - 2010-...

Vijai Patchineelam
The artist job description - 2016-...

Katharina Smets
De auditieve verbeelding - het audioverhaal als kunstvorm op de grens van media, drama en literatuur - 2017-2020

Liza Van der Stock
Six Degrees of Image Creation: Developing a community-driven, photographic production and distribution cycle in the virtual and material world - 2017-2020

Lucas Vandervost
De hiel van Kuifje 2016-2019

Boy Vereecken
Signature Strenghts - 2012-2018

Karen Vermeren
Breuklijnen: Op zoek naar nieuwe artistieke representaties voor het geologisch landschap - 2012-2018

Wim Wauman
A play with arts and crafty - 2016-...

On Ying Adilia Yip
A ‘re- communion’ of the modern marimba and the ethnic idiophone—through transcribing the West African balafon music to the modern marimba - 2011-...

Upcoming PhD defenses
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