Jobs in AUREA

Jobs in AUREA

We are pleased to work with ambitious PhD students, Master students or interns. If you would be interested in pursuing a PhD, Master thesis or internship at AUREA, please read below. 


We always welcome applications by students who want to obtain their own funding for a PhD study in line with the existing topics, alone or in cooperation with other universities or companies. If you are interested in joining us, please contact Prof Floris Wuyts with a statement of interest about your reasearch and the scolorship programme to which you aim to apply.

The main funding agency for PhD scholarships in Flanders is an FWO grant with an annual deadline of February 1st (open to all EU and EEA students). 

For general information on the PhD programma, please refer to the website of the Antwerp Doctoral School.  

Master thesis and internships

If you are interested in doing your Master thesis and/or internship in AUREA, please contact Prof Floris Wuyts for more information about the possibilities to do so.