Key publications

Cloud processing of secondary organic aerosol from isoprene and methacrolein photooxidation
Giorio Chiara   Monod Anne   Bregonzio-Rozier Lola   DeWitt Helen Langley   Cazaunau Mathieu   Temime-Roussel Brice   Gratien Aline   Michoud Vincent   Pangui Edouard   Ravier Sylvain   Zielinski Arthur T.   Tapparo Andrea   Vermeylen Reinhilde   Claeys Magda   Voisin Didier   Kalberer Markus   Doussin Jean-Francois  
The journal of physical chemistry : A : molecules, spectroscopy, kinetics, environment and general theory - ISSN 1089-5639-121:40 (2017) p. 7641-7654
Synthesis, X-ray crystal structures and thermal analyses of some new antimicrobial zinc complexes: New configurations and nano-size structures
Masoudiasl A.   Montazerozohori M.   Naghiha R.   Assoud A.   McArdle P.   Safi Shalamzari Mohammad  
Materials science and engineering: part C: biomimetic materials - ISSN 0928-4931-61 (2016) p. 809-823
Characterization of polar organosulfates in secondary organic aerosol from the unsaturated aldehydes 2-E-pentenal, 2-E-hexenal, and 3-Z-hexenal
Safi Shalamzari Mohammad   Vermeylen Reinhilde   Blockhuys Frank   Kleindienst Tadeusz E.   Lewandowski Michael   Szmigielski Rafal   Rudzinski Krzysztof J.   Spolnik Grzegorz   Danikiewicz Witold   Maenhaut Willy   Claeys Magda  
Atmospheric chemistry and physics - ISSN 1680-7316-16:11 (2016) p. 7135-7148
Quantum chemical mass spectrometry : $\mathit{ab}$ $\mathit{initio}$ prediction of electron ionization mass spectra and identification of new fragmentation pathways
Cautereels Julie   Claeys Magda   Geldof Davy   Blockhuys Frank  
Journal of mass spectrometry - ISSN 1076-5174-51:8 (2016) p. 602-614
Physicochemical characterization of winter PM10 aerosol impacted by sugarcane burning from Sao Paulo city, Brazil
Caumo Sofia E. S.   Claeys Magda   Maenhaut Willy   Vermeylen Reinhilde   Behrouzi Shabnam   Safi Shalamzari Mohammad   Vasconcellos Perola C.  
Atmospheric environment : an international journal - ISSN 1352-2310-145 (2016) p. 272-279

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