News and events

October 2017

October 16
Visit of Daniel S. Roche (United States Naval Academy, USA). He gives two lectures on "Two paths to sparse polynomial interpolation" (Part 1: October 16, 16:00-18:00 in room M.G.016; Part 2: October 17, 10:45-12:45, in room M.G.017).

October 9
Yuan Hou joins our research group as a PhD student. He is funded for 4 years by the China Scholarship Council.

October 1
Ferre Knaepkens joins our research group as a PhD student.

September 2017

September 18-22
Computer Algebra in Scientific Computing (CASC 2017) in Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing (China). Wen-shin Lee is invited to give a tutorial on "Sparse interpolation and its connections to Padé approximation, signal processing, and tensor decomposition". She also presents the accepted paper "Sparse interpolation, the FFT algorithm and FIR filters", joint work with Matteo Briani and Annie Cuyt.

September 11-15
The 19th International Conference on Electromagnetics in Advanced Applications, The 7th IEEE-APS Topical Conference on Antennas and Propagation in Wireless Communications (ICEAA 17, IEEE APWC 17) in Verona (Italy). Annie Cuyt co-chairs the session "Surrogate modeling and optimization of devices in electromagnetics". Ridalise Louw (Stellenbosch University, South Africa) presents the accepted paper titled "Towards blended rational interpolation of multi-fidelity antenna data", a joint work with Annie Cuyt, Christophe Segers, and Dirk de Villiers (Stellenbosch University, South Africa).

September 5-9
The 20th International Conference on Digital Audio Effects (DAFx17) at the University of Edinburgh (UK). Matteo Briani presents a poster for the accepted paper titled "Validated exponential analysis for harmonic sounds", a joint work with Annie Cuyt and Wen-shin Lee.

September 4-8
Dolomites Research Week on Approximation (DRWA17) in Alba de Canazei, Trento (Italy). Our research group organizes a working group "Multi-exponential analysis and tensor methods".

July 2017

July 31
SIAM conference on Applied Algebraic Geometry (SIAM AG 17) at Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia (USA). Our research group co-organizes a minisymposium on "From approximation theory to tensor decomposition" and presents a talk "From Pade approximation to tensor decomposition" (Annie Cuyt and Wen-shin Lee).

May 2017

May 19
WSC Spring meeting 2017, co-organized by our research group and the Research Community Scientific Computing, held at the Campus Middelheim in the University of Antwerp.

April 2017

April 11
Wen-shin Lee gives a talk “Sparse interpolation, Padé approximation, signal processing, and tensor decomposition” at the Symbolic Computation Seminar, Department of Mathematics, North Carolina State University (USA).

January 2017

January 17
Min Wu (East China Normal University, Shanghai, China) starts a research stay at our research group. Her stay is funded by the University Research Fund (BOF) of the University of Antwerp.

January 11
Annie Cuyt gives a colloquium lecture "Identification problems in multivariate sparse interpolation" at the Institute for Mathematics, University of Osnabrueck (Germany).