News and events

May 2017

May 19
WSC Spring meeting 2017, co-organized by our research group and the Research Community Scientific Computing, held at the Campus Middelheim in the University of Antwerp.

April 2017

April 11
Wen-shin Lee gives a talk “Sparse interpolation, Padé approximation, signal processing, and tensor decomposition” at the Symbolic Computation Seminar, Department of Mathematics, North Carolina State University (USA).

January 2017

January 17
Min Wu (East China Normal University, Shanghai, China) starts a research stay at our research group. Her stay is funded by the University Research Fund (BOF) of the University of Antwerp.

January 11
Annie Cuyt gives a colloquium lecture "Identification problems in multivariate sparse interpolation" at the Institute for Mathematics, University of Osnabrueck (Germany).