Key publications

Accuracy and efficiency validation of a helmet mounted vibrotactile feedback system for aerodynamic head position during cycling
Verwulgen Stijn   Peeters Thomas   Vleugels Jochen   Geyssen Robbie   De Bruyne Guido   Saeys Wim   Truijen Steven  
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The role of governments in the business and society debate
Dentchev Nikolay A.   Haezendonck Elvira   van Balen Mitchell  
Business & society - ISSN 0007-6503-56:4 (2017) p. 527-544
Equity in health financing
De Graeve Diana   Xu Ke   Van Gestel Raf  
The international encyclopedia of public health / Quah, Stella R. [edit.]; et al.-p. 569-576
The Belgian welfare state system : with special reference to "targeting within universalism"
Cantillon Bea   De Graeve Diana   Van Mechelen Natascha  
The Routledge international handbook to welfare state systems / Aspalter, Christian [edit.]
Bank en beurs binnenstebuiten
Bellon Karin   Kegels Kurt   Koolen Els   Vanneste Jacques  
Wommelgem, De Boeck, 2017,269 p.
Housing preferences among students: collective housing versus individual accommodations? A stated preference study in Antwerp (Belgium)
Verhetsel Ann   Kessels Roselinde   Zijlstra Toon   Van Bavel Marjolein  
Journal of housing and the built environment - ISSN 1566-4910-32:3 (2017) p. 449-470
On the measurement of socioeconomic inequality of health between countries
Erreygers Guido   Clarke Philip   Zheng Qiong  
Journal of economic inequality - ISSN 1569-1721-15:2 (2017) p. 175-193
Using administrative data to look at changes in the level and distribution of out-of-pocket medical expenditure : an example using Medicare data from Australia
Hua Xinyang   Erreygers Guido   Chalmers John   Laba Tracey-Lea   Clarke Philip  
Health policy - ISSN 0168-8510-121:4 (2017) p. 426-433
CO2-EOR : de impact van prijsonzekerheden op de investeringsbeslissing
Compernolle Tine   Welkenhuysen K.   Huisman K.   Piessens K.   Kort P.  
Nieuwsbrief milieu & economie - ISSN 0929-6965-31:1 (2017) p. -
Considering economic and geological uncertainty in the simulation of realistic investment decisions for CO2-EOR projects in the North Sea
Welkenhuysen Kris   Rupert Jort   Compernolle Tine   Ramirez Andrea   Swennen Rudy   Piessens Kris  
Applied energy - ISSN 0306-2619-185:1 (2017) p. 745-761

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