Road Engineering Research Section

Road Engineering Research Section (RERS) conducts external funded applied research, e.g. for the Flemish government, industry and other partners; and fundamental research in collaboration with master students and doctoral researchers.

The research section participates in several projects with both fundamental as demonstrative output. For example, RERS (Artesis Hogeschool Antwerpen) was a partner in 7th FWP Re-Road – End of Life Strategies of Asphalt pavements involved for fatigue and healing tests on binder and mastic. In 2010 the last step of the development of a new mixture of asphalt aggregate and roofing waste (i-aB³, improved aged-bitumen bound base road construction1997-2010) was completed by the construction of a road in the city of Antwerp. In 2006 RERS started a research topic called “HEAL – Heat Exchanging Asphalt Layer”. Starting from commercial systems, RERS is developing a new type of asphalt solar energy system which will be tested in 2014 by means of several test tracks in the port of Antwerp. Simultaneously FEM-models are being developed to predict the asphalt and collector temperatures depending on the different material and weather parameters.