Key publications

A variable neighborhood search algorithm to generate piano fingerings for polyphonic sheet music
Balliauw Matteo   Herremans Dorien   Palhazi Cuervo Daniel   Sörensen Kenneth  
International transactions in operational research - ISSN 0969-6016-24:3 (2017) p. 509-535
Consumer responses to different degrees of advertising adaptation : the moderating role of national openness to foreign markets
Rajabi Mahdi   Dens Nathalie   De Pelsmacker Patrick   Goos Peter  
International journal of advertising - ISSN 0265-0487-36:2 (2017) p. 293-313
Functional quantitative security risk analysis (QSRA) to assist in protecting critical process infrastructure
van Staalduinen Mark Adrian   Khan Faisal   Gadag Veeresh   Reniers Genserik  
Reliability engineering and system safety - ISSN 0951-8320-157 (2017) p. 23-34
An ultrasonic six degrees-of-freedom pose estimation sensor
Laurijssen Dennis   Truijen Steven   Saeys Wim   Daems Walter   Steckel Jan  
IEEE sensors journal - ISSN 1530-437X-17:1 (2017) p. 151-159
Nonlinear scaling of foraging contacts with rodent population density
Borremans Benny   Reijniers Jonas   Hughes Nelika   Godfrey Stephanie S.   Gryseels Sophie   Makundi Rodhes H.   Leirs Herwig  
Oikos: a journal of ecology - ISSN 0030-1299-126:6 (2017) p. 792-800

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