Key publications

Advantages of a validated UPLCMS/MS standard addition method for the quantification of A-type dimeric and trimeric proanthocyanidins in cranberry extracts in comparison with well-known quantification methods
van Dooren Ines   Foubert Kenn   Theunis Mart   Naessens Tania   Pieters Luc   Apers Sandra  
Journal of pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis - ISSN 0731-7085-148 (2018) p. 32-41
In-vivo evaluation of apocynin for prevention of Helicobacter pylori-induced gastric carcinogenesis
Horemans Tessa   Boulet Gaëlle A.V.   Van kerckhoven Marian   Bogers Johannes J.P.M.   Thys Sofie   Vervaet Chris   Vervaeck Anouck   Delputte Peter   Maes Louis   Cos Paul  
European journal of cancer prevention - ISSN 0959-8278-26:1 (2017) p. 10-16
Comparative analysis of the internalization of the macrophagereceptor sialoadhesin in human and mouse primary macrophages andcell lines
De Schryver Marjorie   Leemans Annelies   Pintelon Isabel   Cappoen Davie   Maes Louis   Caljon Guy   Cos Paul   Delputte Peter  
Immunobiology - ISSN 0171-2985-222:6 (2017) p. 797-806
Monoclonal antibody binding to the macrophage-specific receptor sialoadhesin alters the phagocytic properties of human and mouse macrophages
De Schryver Marjorie   Cappoen Davie   Elewaut Dirk   Nauwynck Hans J.   Maes Louis   Caljon Guy   Cos Paul   Delputte Peter  
Cellular immunology - ISSN 0008-8749-312 (2017) p. 51-60
Flavonol glycosides from the leaves of **Boldoa purpurascens** and their anti-inflammatory properties
Hérnandez Ortega Yannarys   Foubert Kenn   Vanden Berghe Wim   Chirumamilla Chandra Sekhar   Pieters Luc   González Mosquera Dulce María   Apers Sandra   Hernandez Ortega Yannarys   Gonzalez Mosquera Dulce Maria  
Phytochemistry letters - ISSN 1874-3900-19 (2017) p. 71-76

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