Successful FWO application round 2017

The Research Foundation - Flanders (FWO) recently announced the results of the application round Research Projects and Research Grants 2017. We are excited to announce that the round was highly successful for UAntwerp’s faculty of law (see details at, and for our research group in particular. Following projects submitted by members of the research group on ‘Government & Law’ will receive FWO funding:

  • The project 'Kwaliteitscontrole doorheen de wetgevingscyclus', submitted by Prof. Popelier and prof. Marneffe;
  • The project 'De betekenis van de bestaansmiddelenvereiste in het Europees migratierecht', submitted by Prof. Verschueren;
  • The project 'Vertrouwen in het Eengemaakt Octrooigerecht (EOG): Een Pilotstudie voor Empirisch onderzoek in het Octrooirecht', submitted by prof. Van Zimmeren and Prof. Vanheule.

We thank our research group’s members for their efforts and congratulate them with the excellent results.

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