Key publications

Informal planning in a transactive governmentality : re-reading planning practices through Ghent's community gardens
Certomà Chiara   Notteboom Bruno  
Planning theory - ISSN 1473-0952-16:1 (2017) p. 51-73
The mural legacy of N.V. Gevaert Photo-producten : lessons from a preservation and restoration process
Peeters Klara   De Smedt Sarah   Caen Joost  
Advertising and public memory : social, cultural and historical perspectives on ghost signs / Schutt, Stefan [edit.]; et al.-p. 221-234
Het dier is ontdierlijkt
Danneels Koenraad  
De standaard - ISSN 0779-3847- (2017.03.25)
Triggering the contextual awareness and policy making of stakeholders in redevelopment projects
Bylemans Michelle   Vallet Nathalie   Van Acker Maarten   Notteboom Bruno    
Impact By Designing : ARENA Third Annual Conference, 6th-7th April, 2017, Brussels, Belgium-p. 1-9
Characterization of 18th century Portuguese glass from Real Fábrica de Vidros de Coina
Lopes Filipa   Lima Augusta   Pires de Matos António   Custódio Jorge   Cagno Simone   Schalm Olivier   Janssens Koen  
Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports - ISSN 2352409X-14 (2017) p. 137-145

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