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Key publications

The Rwenzururu kinship question and its aftermath
Doornbos M.   Syahuku A.   Titeca Kristof  
The Rwenzururu Movement in Uganda : struggling for recognition / Doornbos, Martin-p. 187-210
Beyond the short versus long accountability route dichotomy : using multi-track accountability pathways to study performance of rural water services in Uganda
Dewachter Sara   Holvoet Nathalie   Kuppens Miet   Molenaers Nadia  
World development - ISSN 0305-750X-102 (2018) p. 158-169
Not your average job : measuring farm labor in Tanzania
Arthi Vellore   Beegle Kathleen   De Weerdt Joachim   Palacios-López Amparo  
Journal of development economics - ISSN 0304-3878-130 (2018) p. 160-172
Poverty impacts of changes in the international prices of agricultural commodities : recent evidence for Argentina (an ex-ante analysis)
Moncarz Pedro   Barone Sergio   Calfat Germán   Descalzi Ricardo  
The journal of development studies - ISSN 0022-0388-53:3 (2017) p. 375-395
Introducing a new data set : budget support suspensions as a sanctioning device : an overview from 1999 to 2014
Molenaers Nadia   Gagiano Anna   Smets Lodewijk  
Governance: an international journal of policy and administration - ISSN 0952-1895-30:1 (2017) p. 143-152
Embedding remittances : a methodological note on financial diaries in Nicaragua
Winters Nanneke  
Tijdschrift voor economische en sociale geografie - ISSN 0040-747X-108:2 (2017) p. 175-189
Worker empowerment through private standards : evidence from the Peruvian horticultural export sector
Schuster Monica   Maertens Miet  
The journal of development studies - ISSN 0022-0388-53:4 (2017) p. 618-637
Catching-up, structural transformation, and inequality : industry-level evidence from Asia
Martorano Bruno   Park Donghyun   Sanfilippo Marco  
Industrial and corporate change - ISSN 0960-6491-26:4 (2017) p. 555-570
The rise and demise of European budget support : political economy of collective European Union donor action
Koch Svea   Leiderer Stefan   Faust Jörg   Molenaers Nadia  
Development policy review - ISSN 0950-6764-35:4 (2017) p. 455-473
South African labour market transitions since the global financial and economic crisis : evidence from two longitudinal datasets
Essers Dennis  
Journal of African economies - ISSN 0963-8024-26:2 (2017) p. 192-222

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