Key publications

Consumer responses to different degrees of advertising adaptation : the moderating role of national openness to foreign markets
Rajabi Mahdi   Dens Nathalie   De Pelsmacker Patrick   Goos Peter  
International journal of advertising - ISSN 0265-0487-36:2 (2017) p. 293-313
Brand placement repetition in a fictional text
Avramova Yana   De Pelsmacker Patrick   Dens Nathalie  
International journal of advertising - ISSN 0265-0487-36:1 (2017) p. 38-59
Modeling intra-seasonal heterogeneity in hourly advertising-response models : do forecasts improve?
Kiygi-Calli Meltem   Weverbergh Marcel   Franses Philip Hans  
International journal of forecasting - ISSN 0169-2070-33:1 (2017) p. 90-101
Shedding new light on how advertising literacy can affect children's processing of embedded advertising formats : a future research agenda
Hudders Liselot   De Pauw Pieter   Cauberghe Verolien   Panic Katarina   Zarouali Brahim   Rozendaal Esther  
The journal of advertising - ISSN 0091-3367- (2017) p. 1-17
Boosting servitization through digitization : pathways and dynamic resource configurations for manufacturers
Coreynen Wim   Matthyssens Paul   Van Bockhaven Wouter  
Industrial marketing management - ISSN 0019-8501-60 (2017) p. 42-53

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