Key publications

On the fast track? Using standard contracts in publicprivate partnerships for sports facilities: a case study
Van den Hurk Martijn   Verhoest Koen  
Sport management review - ISSN 1441-3523-209:2 (2017) p. 226-239
Multiple accountabilities in public-private partnerships (PPPs) : how to unravel the accountability paradox?
Willems Tom   Van Dooren Wouter  
The Routledge handbook to accountability and welfare state reforms in Europe / Christensen, Tom [edit.]; e.a.
On the bureaucracy of bureaucracies : analyzing the size and organization of overhead in public organizations
Boon Jan   Wynen Jan  
Public administration - ISSN 0033-3298-95:1 (2017) p. 214-231
On the dynamics of reform resistance : why and how bureaucratic organizations resist shared service center reforms
Boon Jan   Verhoest Koen  
International public management journal - ISSN 1096-7494- (2017) p. 1-25
Beyond the financial logic : realizing valuable outcomes in public-private partnerships in Flanders and Ontario
Van den Hurk Martijn   Hueskes Marlies  
Environment and planning : C : government and policy - ISSN 2399-6544-35:5 (2017) p. 784-808

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