Together with trends of supra-nationalization, reform ideas tend to disperse public authority into multi-actor and multi-level constellations that are governed by combinations of hierarchy, market and networks. In this research field we study how the different logics underlying these reform ideas transform the organizational aspects of public tasks and their governance in such complex contexts. Specifically the research has been focussed on the autonomy, control and coordination of public organizations as well as the governance of public-public-private collaboration (e.g. PPPs), regulation inside government, and of liberalized markets. We also study how the different logics lead to different citizen-state relations and how to govern contested policies in multi-actor arenas. Research is comparative and, explanatory and with attention to effects on performance, management and innovation.
Key interests: organization and governance of public tasks, with a special focus on autonomy and control of agencies, regulation of liberalized markets, public private partnerships , coordination of wicked issues.


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