An overview of the publications of the research group can be found below. A complete list of publications per person, can be found on the personal page of the respective researcher.

Key publications

Silver-polymer core-shell nanoparticles for ultrastable plasmon-enhanced photocatalysis
Asapu Ramesh   Claes Nathalie   Bals Sara   Denys Siegfried   Detavernier Christophe   Lenaerts Silvia   Verbruggen Sammy  
Applied catalysis : B : environmental - ISSN 0926-3373-200 (2017) p. 31-38
Photocatalysis assisted simultaneous carbon oxidation and $NO_{x}$ reduction
Liao Lijun   Heylen Steven   Sree Sreeprasanth Pulinthanathu   Vallaey Brecht   Keulemans Maarten   Lenaerts Silvia   Roeffaers Maarten B. J.   Martens Johan A.  
Applied catalysis : B : environmental - ISSN 0926-3373-202 (2017) p. 381-387
The ManureEcoMine pilot installation : advanced integration of technologies for the management of organics and nutrients in livestock waste
Pintucci Cristina   Carballa Marta   Varga Sam   Sarli Jimena   Peng Lai   Bousek Johannes   Pedizzi Chiara   Ruscalleda Maël   Tarragó Elena   Prat Delphine   Colica Giovanni   Picavet Merijn   Colsen Joop   Benito Oscar   Balaguer Marilos   Puig Sebastià   Lema Juan M.   Colprim Jesús   Fuchs Werner   Vlaeminck Siegfried  
Water science and technology - ISSN 0273-1223-75:6 (2017) p. 1281-1293
Harvesting hydrogen gas from air pollutants with an un-biased gas phase photo-electrochemical cell
Verbruggen Sammy   Van Hal Myrthe   Bosserez Tom   Rongé Jan   Hauchecorne Birger   Martens Johan A.   Lenaerts Silvia  
Chemsuschem - ISSN 1864-5631-10:7 (2017) p. 1413-1418
Gas phase photocatalytic spiral reactor for fast and efficient pollutant degradation
Blommaerts Natan   Asapu Ramesh   Claes Nathalie   Bals Sara   Lenaerts Silvia   Verbruggen Sammy  
Chemical engineering journal - ISSN 1385-8947-316 (2017) p. 850-856

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