12u30: Welcome and registration

13u:00 Keynote lecture by Gervase Rosser (University of Oxford)
Living Together: Contemporary Challenges and the Experience of the Medieval Guilds

13u45: Eline Van Onacker (UA)
An (a)social economy? Peasant communities and the relationship between formal and informal relief during the grain crisis of 1556/57 in the Low Countries

Marjolein Schepers (VUB)
Crossing community boundaries? Territoriality, transnationalism and belonging in eighteenth-century France and Flanders

15u30: Coffee/tea

16u00: Hannelore Franck (KU Leuven)
Reform of outdoor relief in Europe during the 16th century: religious transformation or political opportunism?

Arie van Steensel (RUG)
Solidarity: Modern Theories and Medieval Practices

17u45: Closing remarks by Bert De Munck (UA)

18u00: Drinks and Dinner


Information and registration

Date: October 27, 2017

Location: University of Antwerp, Stadscampus, building E, room E.207 (see map)

Entrance fee: This event is free of charge but registration is obligated since the number of places is limited.

Information & registration: