Recently published

The Horse Catalyzed Birth of Modern Veterinary Medicine in 18th-Century France

Peter E.J. Bols, Hannelore F.M. De porte, Journal of Equine Veterinary Science 41 (2016) 35–41

The effect of a negative energy balance status on β-carotene availability in serum and follicular fluid of non-lactating dairy cows

De Bie et al, published in Journal of Dairy Science

Morphometrical analysis of preantral follicular survival of VEGF-treated bovine ovarian cortex tissue following xenotransplantation in an immune deficient mouse model

Langbeen et al, published in Animal Reproduction Science

Elevated non-esterified fatty acid concentrations hamper bovine oviductal epithelial cell physiology in three different in vitro culture systems

Jordaens Lies, Arias-Alvarez M., Pintelon Isabel, Thys Sofie, Valckx Sara, Dezhkam Y.,Bols Peter, Leroy Jo, Theriogenology: an international journal of animal reproduction-issn 0093-691X-84(2015),p. 899-910


Key publications

Bovine in vitro reproduction models can contribute to the development of (female) fertility preservation strategies

Langbeen An, De Porte Hannelore F.M., Bartholomeus Esther, Leroy Jo, Bols Peter, Theriogenology 84:4(2015), p. 477-489

Morphologic characterization of isolated bovine early preantral follicles during short-term individual in vitro culture

Jorssen Ellen, Langbeen An, Marei Waleed, Fransen Erik, De Porte H.F.M., Leroy Jo, Bols Peter, Theriogenology 84(2015),p. 301-311

Nutrition and maternal metabolic health in relation to oocyte and embryo quality : critical views on what we learned from the dairy cow model

Leroy Jo, Valckx Sara, Jordaens Lies, De Bie Jessie, Desmet Karolien, Van Hoeck Veerle, Britt Jack H., Marei Waleed, Bols Peter, Reproduction, fertility and development 1031-3613-(2015),p. 1-28

Elevated non-esterified fatty acid concentrations during in vitro murine follicle growth alter follicular physiology and reduce oocyte developmental competence 

Valckx SD, Van Hoeck V, Arias-Alvarez M, Maillo V, Lopez-Cardona AP, Gutierrez-Adan A, Berth M, Cortvrindt R, Bols PE, Leroy JL, Fertility and Sterility, Volume 102, Issue 6, December 2014, Pages 1769–1776

PFOS affects posterior swim bladder chamber inflation and swimming performance of zebrafish larvae

Hagenaars A, Stinckens E, Vergauwen L, Bervoets L, Knapen D, Aquat Toxicol. 2014 Dec;157:225-35

The potential of AOP networks for reproductive and developmental toxicity assay development

Knapen D, Vergauwen L, Villeneuve DL, Ankley GT, Reprod Toxicol. 2015 Aug 15;56:52-5

A high throughput passive dosing format for the Fish Embryo Acute Toxicity test

Vergauwen L, Schmidt SN, Stinckens E, Maho W, Blust R, Mayer P, Covaci A, Knapen D, Chemosphere. 2015 Nov;139:9-17

Key publications

Desirable cytolytic immune effector cell recruitment by interleukin-15 dendritic cells
Van Acker Heleen   Beretta Otavio   Anguille S√©bastien   De Caluw√© Lien   Papagna Angela   Van den Bergh Johan   Willemen Yannick   Goossens Herman   Berneman Zwi Nisan   Van Tendeloo Vigor   Smits Evelien   Foti Maria   Lion Eva  
Oncotarget - ISSN 1949-2553- (2017) p. 1-14
IL-15 receptor alpha as the magic wand to boost the success of IL-15 antitumor therapies : the upswing of IL-15transpresentation
Van den Bergh Johan   Lion Eva   Van Tendeloo Vigor   Smits Evelien  
Pharmacology and therapeutics - ISSN 0163-7258-170 (2017) p. 73-79
Evaluating complex mixtures in the zebrafish embryo by reconstituting field water samples : a metal pollution case study
Michiels Ellen   Vergauwen Lucia   Hagenaars An   Fransen Erik   Van Dongen Stefan   Van Cruchten Steven   Bervoets Lieven   Knapen Dries  
International journal of molecular sciences - ISSN 1661-6596-18:3 (2017) p. 1-16
Maternal metabolic stress may affect oviduct gatekeeper function
Jordaens Lies   Van Hoeck Veerle   Maillo Veronica   Gutierrez-Adan Alfonso   Marei Waleed   Vlaeminck Bruno   Thys Sofie   Sturmey Roger G.s.   Bols Peter   Leroy Jo  
Reproduction - ISSN 1470-1626- (2017) p. 1-30
The follicular micro-environment of the oocyte in metabolically compromised dairy cows : impact assessment as a basis for oocyte rescue
De Bie Jessie  
Antwerp, University of Antwerp, Faculty of Pharmaceutical, Biomedical and Veterinary Sciences, Department of Veterinary Sciences, 2017,238 p.
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