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About Alexandros Margaritis

I am a PhD student at the Department of construction engineering (EMIB research group) under the supervision of Prof. Wim Van den bergh.

My journey at the University of Antwerp started in October 2016. I have a Civil Engineering background with expertise in Transport, Infrastructure, Management and Regional Planning Engineering. During my masters, I had the opportunity to follow courses such as Highway Design and Airport Pavement Design & Construction. I further delved deeply into the of field of road materials during my master thesis, where I investigated the mechanical performance of two different recycled asphalt mixtures. My research focus remains on the effect of incorporating Reclaimed Asphalt, but now through the healing response under three different scales: asphalt mixture, asphalt mortars and binders.

The title of my PhD project is:
Exploring the effect of Reclaimed Asphalt on the fatigue and healing properties of Flemish bituminous mixtures.

More information about my research you can find here.

Scientific profile:

2009-2015: Master of Engineering (M.Eng.), Department of Civil Engineering, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH)

Master Thesis in the field of Road Engineering (2014-2015) with the title:
Investigation of AC 20 mixtures performance with 25% and 50% Reclaimed Asphalt.


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