Ana Lopez Antia

FWO Postdoctoral Researcg Fellow

Publications in the spotlight

Limited reproductive impairment in a passerine bird species exposed along a perfluoroalkyl acid (PFAA) pollution gradient
Groffen Thimo   Lasters Robin   Lopez Antia Ana   Prinsen Els   Bervoets Lieven   Eens Marcel  
The science of the total environment - ISSN 0048-9697-652 (2019) p. 718-728
Variation in PFAA concentrations and egg parameters throughout the egg-laying sequence in a free-living songbird (the great tit, **Parus major**) : implications for biomonitoring studies
Lasters Robin   Groffen Thimo   Lopez Antia Ana   Bervoets Lieven   Eens Marcel  
Environmental pollution - ISSN 0269-7491-246 (2019) p. 237-248
Perfluoroalkyl acids (PFAAs) concentrations and oxidative status in two generations of great tits inhabiting a contamination hotspot
Lopez Antia Ana   Groffen Thimo   Lasters Robin   Abd Elgawad Hamada   Sun Jiachen   Asard Han   Bervoets Lieven   Eens Marcel  
Environmental science and technology - ISSN 0013-936X-53:3 (2019) p. 1617-1626
Brood size is reduced by half in birds feeding on flutriafol-treated seeds below the recommended application rate
Lopez Antia Ana   Ortiz-Santaliestra Manuel E.   Mougeot François   Camarero Pablo R.   Mateo Rafael  
Environmental pollution - ISSN 0269-7491-243:A (2018) p. 418-426
High levels of PFOS in eggs of three bird species in the neighbourhood of a fluoro-chemical plant
Lopez Antia Ana   Dauwe Tom   Meyer Johan   Maes Koen   Bervoets Lieven   Eens Marcel  
Ecotoxicology and environmental safety - ISSN 0147-6513-139 (2017) p. 165-171

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