Publications in the spotlight

Enterprise governance of information technology : achieving alignment and value in digital organizations
De Haes Steven   Van Grembergen Wim   Joshi Anant   Huygh Tim  
Cham, Springer, 2020,204 p.
Governing digital transformation : guidance for corporate board members
De Haes Steven   Caluwe Laura   Huygh Tim   Joshi Anant  
Springer, 2020,61 p.
Responsive governance in a digital world : the need to up-skill
Valentine Elizabeth   De Haes Steven   Joshi Anant  
The handbook of board governance : a comprehensive guide for public, private, and not-for-profit board members / Leblanc, Richard [edit.]-p. 492-525
How to realize the value of board level IT governance?
De Haes Steven   Joshi Anant   Caluwe Laura   Huygh Tim  
Antwerp, Antwerp Management School, 2018,15 p.
Toward enterprise IT governance transparency
De Haes Steven   Joshi Anant   Huygh Tim  
Arlington, Mass., Cutter consortium, 2018,6 p.

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