Annemie Struyf works as a postdoctoral researcher at CeMIS (Centre for Migration and Intercultural Studies). Within CeMIS she is currently coordinator and co-lecturer of the course 'Interdisciplinary perspectives on migration and integration' (2019-2020) and co-writes research proposals. She was previously involved in the evaluation study of the implementation of Work-Based Learning in Flanders (2019) and the STEM@School research project (2014-2018). As a Master in Social Work (2014) and a PhD in Educational Sciences (2019), she has a strong interest in how the well-being and motivation of individuals can be influenced and strengthened by the social context. This is also the common thread throughout her research. For example, in her doctoral research she focused on how the learning environment can strengthen students’ engagement towards STEM education. Other research interests of her are situated within the research domains of social equality, integration and interculturality.


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