Armand Béché

Postdoctoral Researcher


Research group

Electron microscopy for materials research (EMAT)


  • My research area is concentrated around transmission electron microscopy (TEM) applied to material science. I am specialized in a large number of techniques including strain measurement, high resolution imaging, EELS spectroscopy, electron beam phase manipulation and instrument development. Thanks to a background on engineering in material science, I spend my PhD developing TEM techniques for measuring strain at the nanoscale applied for microelectronic devices. At the end of my PhD in 2009, I joined FEI (now ThermoFisher Scientific) as an application specialist on TEM. Three years later (2012), I joined the UA as a post doc dedicated on the development and implementation of electron vortex beams. My topic eventually shifted to the development of compressed sensing to reduce beam damage in STEM imaging. In 2017, I became responsible of the microscopy center of the EMAT group.