Bart Braem

Senior researcher

Publications in the spotlight

City of things : a multidisciplinary smart cities testbed for IoT, big data and living labs innovation
Braem Bart   Latré Steven   Leroux Philip   Demeester Piet   Coenen Tanguy   Ballon Pieter  
Network design and optimization for smart cities / Gakis, Konstantinos [edit.]; et al.-p. 279-292
Advances in wireless community networks with the community-lab testbed
Navarro Leandro   Baig Viñas Roger   Barz Christoph   Bonicioli Joseph   Braem Bart   Freitag Felix   Vilata-i-Balaguer Ivan  
IEEE communications magazine - ISSN 0163-6804-57:7 (2016) p. 20-27
City of things : an integrated and multi-technology testbed for IoT smart city experiments
Latré Steven   Leroux Philip   Coenen Tanguy   Braem Bart   Ballon Pieter   Demeester Piet  
2nd IEEE International Smart Cities Conference (ISC2), SEP 12-15, 2016, Trento, ITALY- (2016) p. 793-800
A case for research with and on community networks
Braem Bart   Blondia Christian   Barz Christoph   et al.  
Computer communication review - ISSN 0146-4833-43:3 (2013) p. 68-73
A comprehensive survey of wireless body area networks on PHY, MAC, and network layers solutions
Ullah Sana   Higgins Henry   Braem Bart   Latre Benoit   Blondia Christian   Moerman Ingrid   Saleem Shahnaz   Rahman Ziaur   Kwak Sup Kyung  
Journal of medical systems - ISSN 0148-5598-36:3 (2012) p. 1065-1094

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