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A survey on the programmability of wireless MAC protocols
Isolani Pedro   Claeys Maxim   Donato Carlos   Granville Lisandro Zambenedetti   Latré Steven  
IEEE communications surveys & tutorials - ISSN 1553-877X-21:2 (2019) p. 1064-1092
Effective NFV orchestration for wide-ranging services across heterogeneous cloud networks
Spinnewyn Bart   Botero Juan Felipe   Donato Carlos   Latré Steven  
IFIP/IEEE Symposium on Integrated Network and Service Management (IM), APR 08-12, 2019, Arlington, VA- (2019) p. 107-115
SDN-based slice orchestration and MAC management for QoS delivery in IEEE 802.11 Networks
Isolani Pedro   Cardona-Cardenas Nelson Alexander   Donato Carlos   Marquez-Barja Johann   Zambenedetti Granville Lisandro   Latré Steven  
Sixth International Conference on Software Defined Systems (SDS), June 10-13, 2019, Rome, Italy-p. 260-265
Smart highway : ITS-G5 and C-V2X based testbed for vehicular communications in real environments enhanced by edge/cloud technologies
Marquez-Barja Johann   Lannoo Bart   Naudts Dries   Braem Bart   Donato Carlos   Maglogiannis Vasilis   Mercelis Siegfried   Berkvens Rafael   Hellinckx Peter   Weyn Maarten   Moerman Ingrid   Latré Steven  
2019 European Conference on Networks and Communications (EuCNC), 18-21 June, 2019, Valencia, Spain-p. 1-2
Performance assessment of open software platforms for 5g prototyping
Gringoli Francesco   Patras Paul   Donato Carlos   Serrano Pablo   Grunenberger Yan  
IEEE wireless communications - ISSN 1536-1284-25:5 (2018) p. 10-15

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