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About Clemens de Olde

I was educated as sociologist (MSc, 2007) and philosopher (MA, 2011) at the University of Amsterdam. During my studies I worked for several Amsterdam-based architecture firms as support and research staff. This way, the process of becoming a sociologist went hand in hand with developing an interesting in the city, architecture and living environments. This inspired my master thesis The Spirit of Modernism (published in 2009) about the social factors influencing modernist architects.

After graduating I worked for three years as teaching assistant in the department of Sociology at the University of Amsterdam (2009-2012). My tasks were teaching classes in urban sociology, cultural sociology and sociological theory. I also taught the class 'Visions on Modernity' in the General Social Sciences track as well as supervising a number of bachelor theses themed 'The conquest of public space'.

After a semester teaching at a school for professional education I started in 2013 at the Center for Inequality, Poverty, Social Exclusion and the City (OASeS) at the University of Antwerp. Here, I am working on a doctorate analyzing the development of the spatial cultures of Flanders and The Netherlands in the past 30 years. Next to my doctorate I support the classes of several  professors and teach the Bachelor Thesis Seminar.

Research interests
Urban sociology - urban culture, tourism & shopping - urban history - technology in urban settings - housing, architecture & infrastructure - public space & surveillance - public transport & mobility - spatial planning - sociological theory.

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