Publications in the spotlight

Boosting biomolecular interactions through DNA origami nano-tailored biosensing interfaces
Rutten Iene   Daems Devin   Lammertyn Jeroen  
Journal of materials chemistry B : materials for biology and medicine - ISSN 2050-750X- (2020) p. 1-11
Real-time FO-SPR monitoring of solid-phase DNAzyme cleavage activity for cutting-edge biosensing
Peeters Bernd   Daems Devin   Van der Donck Tom   Delport Filip   Lammertyn Jeroen  
ACS applied materials and interfaces - ISSN 1944-8244-11:7 (2019) p. 6759-6768
Controlling the bioreceptor spatial distribution at the nanoscale for single molecule counting in microwell arrays
Daems Devin   Rutten Iene   Bath Jonathan   Decrop Deborah   Van Gorp Hans   PĂ©rez Ruiz Elena   De Feyter Steven   Turberfield Andrew J.   Lammertyn Jeroen  
ACS sensors - ISSN 2379-3694-4:9 (2019) p. 2327-2335
A DNA nanotechnology toolbox for mix-and-match biosensor design
Rutten Iene   Safdar Saba   Ven Karen   Daems Devin   Spasic Dragana   Lammertyn Jeroen  
MicroTAS proceedings, 23rd International Conference on Miniaturized Systems for Chemistry and Life Sciences, 27-31 October 2019, Basel, Switzerland-p. 1-2
PCR amplified DNAzyme-amplicons for generic solid-phase antimicrobial resistance screening
Peeters Bernd   Safdar Saba   Carlier Bram   Spasic Dragana   Daems Devin   Lammertyn Jeroen  
Transducers 2019 : Eurosensors XXXIII, 23-27th June 2019, Berlin, Germany-p. 1-2

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