Research group

AXES (Antwerp X-ray Analysis, Electrochemistry and Speciation)


  • Molecular Biologist experience in scientific life science projects dealing with biomolecular interactions, biotechnology and DNA nanotechnology: (I) Experienced in managing research projects and development of molecular diagnostics, (ii) Passionate by the link between innovation, biotechnology and valorization and (iii) Effective team player in a multidisciplinary group with a strong publication record. Main responsibilities: - Valorization of sensor technologies - Road-to-market - Sensors for narcotics, healthcare and environmental applications/diagnostics - Project management - Responsible bilateral collaborations - Networking and collaborations - Supervision of PhD students - Proposal writing - Writing and reviewing international scientific publications


You can find here all of the projects that are recorded in the research database of UAntwerp under the name of the academic staff member that acts as a promoter, copromoter or grant holder (a.o. FWO). It concerns only those research projects and mandates that were acquired after an external or internal competition.