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About Elli Bleeker

Elli Bleeker followed a bachelor’s degree in French Language and Culture at the University of Amsterdam and at the Université Paris 7 – Denis Diderot. In 2010, she obtained a master’s degree in Book and Digital Media Studies at Leiden University. Her thesis On Reading in the Digital Age was granted the bi-annual thesis award from Stichting Lezen. After completing her studies, Elli worked at the Digital Library for Dutch Literature (DBNL), where she took part in projects on Dutch poetry and children’s books. In May 2011 she started as a Junior Researcher at the Huygens Institute of the History of the Netherlands, where she worked as an editor of the Anne Frank Manuscripts project.

Elli is currently doing a PhD at the Centre of Manuscript Genetics at Antwerp University. Her research concentrates on the textual genesis of a modern literary work and how this can be embedded in the infrastructure of a digital scholarly edition. Her project is part of the ‘Digital Scholarly Editions Initial Training Network’ (DiXiT) Marie Curie Fellowship program.

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