Emma-Louise Silva

Research grant student

Publications in the spotlight

Early Modern Multiloquent Authors (EMMA) : designing a large-scale corpus of individuals' languages
PetrĂ© Peter   Anthonissen Lynn   Budts Sara   Manjavacas ArĂ©valo Enrique   Silva Emma-Louise   Standing William   Strik Odile Aurora Oscar  
ICAME journal : computers in English linguistics - ISSN 1502-5462-43:1 (2019) p. 83-122
Cognitive and affective scaffolding : a reassessment of the 'inward turn' of James Joyce's modernist fiction
Silva Emma-Louise  
Antwerp, University of Antwerp, Faculty of Arts, 2019,227 p.
Ba-rock(que) and roll baby: the art of James Joyce
Silva Emma-Louise   Farmen Layne M.  
James Joyce literary supplement - ISSN 0899-3114-32:2 (2018) p. 14-15

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