Publications in the spotlight

Early Modern Multiloquent Authors (EMMA) : designing a large-scale corpus of individuals' languages
Petré Peter   Anthonissen Lynn   Budts Sara   Manjavacas Arévalo Enrique   Silva Emma-Louise   Standing William   Strik Odile Aurora Oscar  
ICAME journal : computers in English linguistics - ISSN 1502-5462-43:1 (2019) p. 83-122
Enabling annotation of historical corpora in an asynchronous collaborative environment
Manjavacas Arévalo Enrique   Petré Peter  
Proceedings of DATeCH2017, Göttingen, Germany-p. 1-6
Synthetic literature: writing science fiction in a co-creative process
Manjavacas Arévalo Enrique   Karsdorp Folgert   Burtenshaw Benjamin   Kestemont Mike  
Proceedings of the Workshop on Computational Creativity in Natural Language Generation (CC-NLG 2017), collocated with INLG 2017 (Santiago de Compostella, September 4, 2017) / Association for Computational Linguistics-p. 29-37
Assessing the stylistic properties of neurally generated text in authorship attribution
Manjavacas Arévalo Enrique   de Gussem Ewoud   Daelemans Walter   Kestemont Mike  
Proceedings of the Workshop on Stylistic Variation, collocated with EMNLP 2017 (Copenhagen, September 8, 2017) / Association for Computational Linguistics-p. 116-125
Synthetische literatuur: neurale netwerken als coauteur
Karsdorp Folgert   Manjavacas Arévalo Enrique   Burtenshaw Benjamin   Kestemont Mike  
Dixit: tijdschrift over taal- en spraaktechnologie - ISSN 1572-6037-14 (2017) p. 18-19

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