Esteban Municio

Esteban Municio


Sint-Pietersvliet 7
2000 Antwerpen, BEL

Esteban Municio is a postdoctoral researcher at imec - University of Antwerp, in the Faculty of Applied Engineering. He received a B.Sc+M.Sc. degree of Telecommunication Engineering from the Madrid Polytechnic University (UPM) in 2013 and a M.Sc degree in Networks and Computer Systems from the King Juan Carlos University (URJC) in 2014. He obtained his PhD in Computer Science in the University of Antwerp in 2020. He was and is involved in several European research projects such as TUCAN3G, FLEXNET, ProTego, INTERCONNECT, VITAL-5G and DAEMON. His main research interests are: traffic engineering, SDN, network slicing, programmable wireless networks and ultra-reliable Industrial IoT. He is also interested in heterogeneous backhaul networks, smart cities deployments, community networks and connectivity provision in rural environments.

He likes astronomy, cycling and Flamenco guitar.


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  • postdoctoral researcher